About BMX

The KZN BMX Commission is the governing body for the BMX discipline in KZN and forms part of KZN Cycling as an affiliated member. The commission is headed up by Travis Goveia and there are three main BMX clubs in the province, namely Queensburgh, Giba Gorge and Pietermaritzburg.

The sport of BMX is an exciting discipline that teaches exceptional bike handling skills and is a great introductory discipline for all aspiring cyclists who would like to take part in a safe and family friendly environment.

The main elements of the sport are as follows:


(PART OF THE OLYMPIC PROGRAMME): The BMX Supercross is raced on a 350m circuit. Eight riders launch themselves from an eight-metre high ramp and race over a track alternating bumps, banked corners and flat sections. The battle for first place is fierce, as it is necessary to finish in the first four of the heats to have a place in the next round and then in the final. Depending on the lay-out of the section, the riders try either to land quickly in order to gain speed, or to gain height (riders reach up to nearly five metres high).



BMX Freestyle is a spectacular discipline where the riders perform routines which consist of sequences of executing tricks. It can be carried out in various ways such as on flat ground, in the streets, on dirt jumps, a halfpipe and on constructed ramps. In competition, riders are judged on quality of their performance (difficulty, originality and style).

Contact Details:

Queensburgh Club

Theuns Van Heerden



Giba Gorge Club

Quinton Bell



Pietermaritzburg Club

Brian St John Ward




KZN BMX Commissioner

Travis Goveia



KZN BMX Secretary

Mandy Preston